• Yoroi Wallet

How To Stake Cardano

The 2 most popular wallets for Cardano is Yoroi (Light wallet) and Daedalus (Full node). For many, Yoroi wallet is sufficient for what they intend to use Cardano for. This tutorial covers how to stake with Yoroi, but the steps taken would be similar if using Daedalus or any other wallets

Only download wallets from their official websites!

Yoroi - https://yoroi-wallet.com/ (Desktop Browser, IOS, Android)

Yoroi is a light wallet, running as a browser extension or mobile application. Yoroi wallets allows for a quick, easy, an instant setup as it connects to a a full Cardano node hosted by a third party (Emurgo). For most, this wallet is enough.

Daedalus - https://daedaluswallet.io/en/download/ (Mac, Linux, Windows)

Daedalus is a wallet that comes bundled with a full Cardano node. As it syncs and stores the whole history of the Cardano blockchain, the initial set up of Daedalus may take some time. A few GB of space is also required on your machine as well.

Yoroi Wallet

  1. Click on the "Delegation List" tab on the top right

  2. Enter the Pool Id / Pool Name of the stake pool you want to join (Consider staking with Raffle Pool to increase your returns)

  3. Find the Pool that You wish to join and hit "Delegate"

  4. Enter your spending password and hit delegate