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Update 2


As promised, we've added another 1,000 ₳ this month to our pledge! This is done as part of our initiative to show that we're committed to running this pool.

The increase in pledge has already been reflected on our ADApools page.


As of the time of writing, Raffle Pool has received 2 new delegators, and we're glad to welcome them on board! Especially when starting a pool, every single delegation counts, no matter the amount.

Features Added

We've added a page for users / delegators to calculate their estimated rewards from staking with Raffle pool.

The page calculates an estimate of your rewards based on the current active stake, number of delegators, and number of ongoing raffles. It displays your odds for winning a raffle in each category (Using the amount you input), and shows your projected returns in a year (73 epoch).

You can try the calculator here!

Problem (Fixed)

Everything on our Cardano node / server side has been running well, but we've found a bug with regards to our scripts used to select winners in a new epoch. This was due to the limitations of the API we're using to grab our delegators active stake. The nodes the API uses takes time to sync, and we've found that the data received may not accurately reflect delegators active stake, resulting in the wrong active stake being used while selecting our winners.

As such, we've pushed back our time when selecting our winners from 23:00 to 00:00 UST, to allow for more time for their nodes to sync before querying.

Looking through our database, we've found that this has only affected EPOCH 346, and we've reran the script to ensure all winners are paid.

Transaction: https://cardanoscan.io/transaction/d4199dcf8310a763362a5ce5646ed19f2da18ce240782a7efc7e68f8944bbe72