• What Is Raffle Pool
  • How To Participate
  • When Does a Raffle End
  • How are Winners Chosen
  • When Are Winners Selected
  • 0% FEES
  • Pool Infrastructure

What Is Raffle Pool

(you can check out the about page for a summary)

What Is Raffle Pool

Raffle Pool is just one of the many stake pools on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain that help delegators earn interest on their staked ADA (more on what staking is here). Where Raffle Pool differ is that we provide an additional reward for those staked with us through our raffle draw held every EPOCH!

We do not mint Tokens / NFT and offer them as rewards as we feel that it would not be of any value to our delegators. What we offer as prize is simply ADA!

How To Participate

Raffles are our lucky draws, picked at random every epoch. By delegating with us, your address is automatically added to the Raffle. At the start of every epoch, random delegators will be selected and will be transferred their prize. It's that simple!

The beauty of Raffle Pool is that the whole process is automated (creation of raffles, selection of winners, payment)! Automation is essential because:

  1. Ensures that no one can control who wins (Fairness)

  2. Ensure that a raffle is constantly being created / ran (Reliability)

  3. Ensures that winners are always paid on time and correctly (Not error-prone)

When Does a Raffle End

Raffles are usually created and named based on the current epoch.

The number shown indicates the epoch in which the Raffle is active and when it ends. In this example, the Raffle starts at the beginning of epoch 200 and ends at the end of epoch 200. Your address is eligible to participate in any raffles where the current EPOCH is less than or equal to the EPOCH stated on the Raffle.

How are Winners Chosen

All our winners are randomly selected, provided they meet the following requirements:

Minimum Stake Requirement

The amount you stake has to be equal to or greater than the minimum stake requirement to be eligible to win. You can find this amount under the "Required Stake" Column.

So long as you're at least delegating that amount or more, you will be eligible to win in the Raffle! Note that we use the active stake amount and not the live stake (click here to find out the difference).

Number of Winners

You can win multiple times in an epoch, so long as you meet the "Required Stake", and the Raffle is not in the same category.

Using the image as an example, If you're staking at least 2000 ₳, you will be eligible to win in all three Raffles in epoch 200. However, despite the raffles having eight winners, you may only win once in each Raffle category. So essentially, you stand to win up to 8 ₳ that EPOCH.

Staking Period

You have to be delegated with us for at least 2 EPOCH to be eligible to win.

E.g., If you've delegated with us on EPOCH 200, you have to still be delegated with us on EPOCH 202 to be eligible to win.

When Are Winners Selected

Winners are selected and sent their prize two epochs after the number stated on the Raffle. From the above examples, winners will be chosen and sent their prize at the start of epoch 202. The wait is because we use the active stake based on the snapshot taken on epoch 201 to determine whether your address has met the required stake.

Determine if You've Won

Winners selected at the beginning of each epoch will be reflected under the "Winners" Table of the Dashboard. You can also check the "My Raffles" tab and key in your Stake Address to find out if you've won!

Alternatively, you can follow me on my socials posted below at the footer to be updated when a winner has been selected! You can also request for us to mention you on telegram or discord if you've won!

Determine If You're Participating

Our database updates once every day at precisely 22:45 UTC. If you've just delegated, you'll have to wait past that time time before you'll be in our database. If you manage to search your address under the "My Raffles" tab, that means you're part of Raffle Pool.

Do not worry if you've delegated on the last day of the Raffle as we query the Cardano node for the active stake of each address. E.g., You would still be entered into epoch X raffle even if you delegate on the last day and hour of epoch X. This is as long as you stay till the snapshot is taken on the start of epoch X + 1.


If this is not enough to entice you to stake with us, let me add on by saying that we operate on 0% Fees! That's right! We do not take any fees from the rewards you get from staking! Not only are you getting the maximum rewards from staking, but you also stand to gain more from winning the raffles at no extra cost!

Raffles are ongoing every EPOCH, so don't miss out on your chance at winning! You can stake with us using our pool ticker [RAF] or find us with our pool address: pool189lsf6c2upyhmrzddyvyfjxxkqnte9pw8aqx7f4cuf85sjxlm02

If you're new to staking, you can check out this post on how to stake.

Pool Infrastructure

We operate three servers (1 Block Producer Node, 2 Relay Nodes) running 24/7. Each server has 16GB RAM and 400GB of SSD, which exceeds the minimum requirements of operating a node. Our servers are also backed up on a bi-weekly basis on the off chance it's down. We adopt the best practices in maintaining security on all our serves to ensure that nothing is compromised and the pool runs 24/7.

Additionally, we've set up a Grafana Dashboard with alerts to notify us of any server issues that may arise so that we can remedy them ASAP.

Only the pool keys necessary to run the node are stored on the server. All other keys are encrypted and kept away from our servers ( In an offline machine) to ensure that they are never compromised!