How Much Can You Earn With Our Raffles?

Try out our rewards calculator to find out!

The Rewards Predicted By This Calculator Are Only An Estimate

Staking ADA provides you with rewards for each minted blocks. Additionaly, Raffle Pool provides raffles which delegators of Raffle Pool automatically participate in, where they stand to win addtional ADA!

See how much additional ADA you stand to earn with our raffles!

Disclaimer: This calculator only provides an estimate of rewards. The actual amount of ADA earned may vary and will depend on several factors, such as the pool size, network parameters, etc...

The amount calculated from the raffles is based on the pool's current number of raffles, delegators, and with the assumption that they remain the same over the time period. This calculator is meant to be used as an estimate, and the results may vary

ADA Amount

Set the amount of ada you want to delegate

Cardano Staking APY

Set the APY (%) for Cardano rewards in a year. (Average is 4-5% per year).

Odds (250 raffle): 100.00%1.00
Odds (1000 raffle): 66.67%1.33
Odds (2000 raffle): - 0.00
Yearly (Raffles Only)17.03 %1170.333
Yearly (Total)21.03 %1210.333